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The most heroic character


Pierre-Claude-André RASSE - (23/04/1758 - 13/09/1832)

A "shock" priest, gendarme during the Terreur, member of maquis during the Empire, decorated with Legion of Honour by Napoleon himself, sentenced to death by the Austrian, and ... priest of Moux (Nièvre).

The most beautiful document


The "cahier de doléances" of the ploughmen of Auxois for the "Etats généraux" - 30 avril 1789

A document of an exceptional quality, full of poetry. Unusual formula for a "cahier de doléances".

The most moving document


The letter written by Anne-Bénigne-Augustine ESPIARD de MACON to the directors of the Côte d'Or to obtain a residence permit - 18/06/1793

June 1793 is the true beginning of the "Terreur". The hunt of the families of emigrated lords has begun. Anne-Bénigne, wife of Jean-Baptiste-Lazare-Pierre ESPIARD de MACON, threatened with imprisonment as emigrated's wife, writes to the directors of the district to obtain a residence permit at her nephew's Mr de Montcrif at Bard-le-Régulier (7 km au south of her castle of Mâcon). Unsuccesfully, as she will soon be imprisoned in Dijon

The funniest document


The report of Louis-Benoit DARNAY, commissioner of the inventory of the trees and the clog-makers requisitionned for the equipment of the French Army - 19/12/1794

In Paris, the "Comité de Salut Public" (leader Robespierre) has decreed the production of a million pairs of clogs for the equipment of French Army. Darnay is responsible for counting in St Martin de la Mer the birches and the alders fit for becoming clogs, and the clog-makers, who are requisitionned. Difficult task, as neither the inhabitants of St Martin nor the weather are co-operative with him...

The most precise document


The inventory of the properties of the parish by Jean-François RENARD, St Martin de la Mer's priest - 15/12/1790

The French Revolution begins to be effective in St Martin. The properties of the church will be soon nationalized. Claude François RENARD, priest of Saint Martin, makes the last inventory of the parish properties.

The most surprising document


The St Brisson's priest explains his curious method to save drowned people - 23/08/1773

A third type mouth-to-mouth, a drop of brandy, a bit of blackcurrant liqueur and to the grace of God.

O tempora, o mores
Other time, other customs


The contract of the schoolmaster of Alligny-en-Morvan - 01/11/1790

The church singer - schoolmaster was a parish servant who both sings in church and teaches children, under supervision of the priest.

The most unspeakable document


A mail of the municipal council of Arnay-le-Duc to the Austrian Governor of occupation troops, which denounces the authors of an rebellion act against the first Restauration of Louis XVIII.

Unrest in Arnay-le-Duc for the come-back of king Louis XVIII, in 1814. The bonapartists of the "bands of Saulieu" dont let themselves do. Some of them have dared to shout "Vive l'Empereur" !. This document has been divulged in june 1815, during the "Cent-Jours". Its authors had a bad time of it ...