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It's always difficult to introduce oneself. How can I be objective?

Keep your critical spirit awake...

I was born in 1946 in Paris. I'm about 57.

After secondary studies without eccentricity, (except a lack of discipline that exhausted my teachers), I studied philosophy and theology with the intention of becoming a priest.

But God works in mysterious ways, and after a few years as a teacher, I got a job as a staff manager in a big firm of hypermarkets.

I have many hobbies :

- micro-computers, since the 80's, from the day when Lord Sinclair, in his garage invented the ZX80, and thus permitted thousands of enthusiasts in the past 20 years to initiate into a process that has changed the face of the world. I test new software, write programs in Basic, Visual Basic and C, I surf the web, etc….

- astronomy, which I discovered at the same time as computers. Like Penelope, I've built, un-built and re-built a simulation program of the starry sky (in Visual Basic in its last version), with the apparent movement ot the stars, planets, and miscellaneous other simulations, -lines and lines of code-, with the help of some specialists.

- music : I'm very keen on baroque music. It speaks to me of sun, fantasy, heat, burlesque and folly, like this tune of the "Follia" from Corelli which I like so much. My regret : I dont play any instrument correctly. I compose a bit of techno music, but I'm not sure it’s worth being called music.

- genealogy and history : people say these passions come with age... I've been lucky to find documents that allowed me to go back 18 generations in one branch of my ancestors and, like a puzzle through ancient times, I piece generations together. My ancestors, as yours probably, have been farmers and craftsmen. Thanks to the Internet and the contacts it allows, I've discovered many cousins. Genealogy made me want to know more about people and events of the time of my ancestors, especially during the French Revolution : I've been from discovery to discovery ... to such an extent that I've built this Internet site, and an imminent book-CD-rom. Keep an eye out for it….

- cycling: it's necessary to keep those lungs and arteries clear!.

- photo.